Live Annunciation ParkStill getting settled from a recent move to New Orleans, I took Jacquin, my golden retriever bff, to Annunciation Park for the second time this day. The sky was blue, grass was green and an airplane was sky writing “Pray,” “Live,” and “Coex…” I brought a picnic blanket, a bone, Jesus Calling, a Bible, and a notebook. Jacquin and I found an open space on the grass away from the basketball court full of people hustling. Other than the squealing sneakers, the park was mostly quiet. The open green was empty but something didn’t quiet feel comfortable and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Annunciation ParkBefore I could get fully tuned into my daily devo’s that I was behind in from the recent travels, a man came across the green to let me know he had reserved the area for a kickball game. He needed to set up and I needed to find another location for Jacquin and I. So we chose a spot on the other side of the park under the shade of an oak tree. By the time we get settled and spread out the park is full of 2 young adult kickball games, children playing, basketball going. I laugh and say aloud, “God is there a reason” for this playful interruption?

Then a man with a track tape measure comes to the end of his line, not far from my spot. In a matter of fact military dryness, he states “by the way, I’m going to be throwing a javelin toward you but don’t worry, if I throw this far it will be a miracle.” I laugh and start collecting my things. Clearly this isn’t going to work for me today. As Jacquin and I make our way out of the park, we pass by Javelin Thrower. He was apologetic and stated we didn’t really need to leave. I graciously explained that I had completed my chapter anyway and it was a good stoping point.

Jacquin“What book are you reading?”

Here’s my time to be bold. Gulp, “Actually, I’m reading the Bible. I listed the books from smallest to largest and trying to read through the whole book.”

“Which chapter are you on?”


“Oh that’s one of the smaller ones…”

Next thing you know Javelin Thrower is telling me about how he and his wife are also new to the area. They had tried several churches but recently attended Vintage Church and liked it. It was more modern and younger crowd for 20s-30s.

Message received God, message received. We’re going on Sunday.


3 thoughts on “God’s javelin thrower 

  1. If I only I had the gift to put such profound experiences like that into simple words …. .. When I first moved there, I spent a great deal of time in city park observing , and writing about past observations . only way to sum it all up is juuussst …… W O W ! 😀


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