Jesus Calling by Sarah YoungOn May 3, 2014, I picked up Jesus Calling: Enjoy Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young from a local bookstore. I was 33, four months into living on a very tight budget (thanks to Financial Peace University) working to recover debts I acquired from a failed marriage. The neighborhood I lived in was modest… er, dangerous. (I only ran for my life 3 times). I was working in a non-profit where I commuted 3 hours a day, was fueled by toxic amounts of coffee, and delirious from emotional and physical exhaustion on most days.  In my spiritual development and choice to let God back in, I started this daily devotional.


Rather than keeping a pristine unused book that would look nice on the coffee table or book shelf, I dug in with notations. I noted where I was in the world. I noted any specific big events. I wrote out the scripture references and underlined commentary that spoke to me that day. On the blank cover pages I created an index that listed dates of places I traveled or important events over the year.

May 2014-2015On May 2, 2015, I can count and recount all the blessings and lessons I have received over the year being in the Word guided by Jesus Talks. I met my husband, was engaged and married. I paid off $21,388.57 amount of debts with disciplined planning and focus. I visited my Mississippi family three times, catching up on years of not coming home. I did a lot of local traveling (camping, hiking, apple picking, polo) but also went to Naples, FL and the Bahamas and two major road trips 2,000-4,000 miles. I also look a leap of faith in leaving my job of 4 years. I lost two grandmothers who died peacefully. Attended two very impactful conferences: The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted by Dr. Gary Chapman, and IF: Gathering. I saw prayers answered when praying diligently for friends, neighbors and colleagues. Culture changes. Cancer survived. Addictions fought.

Jesus Calling pageJesus Calling kept me in the in Word every day and guided my relationship back on track with God, the Son, and the Spirit. This relationship repair alone has been the biggest blessing of them all.


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