Dear Friend,

I am reading through the book Anything: The Prayer that Unlocked my God and My Soul by Jennie Allen. Anything is the journey of surrendering to God’s plan and saying the prayer “God we will do anything, Anything.” I’m also doing the eight week study that includes deeper dives in the Bible and a couple projects to do along this journey.

I’m on week five and Project Two is to write a “note to someone who has “fallen” into your life in obedience and helped you love God more.” Well, my dear, that would be you and your husband. We’ve been friends since we were children, growing up in the same circles and off to college together. I think I have always been Christian by culture but it wasn’t until the fall of my first marriage that I opened myself up to God’s love and grace. You and your husband were very instrumental in that journey.

Opening up and being so genuine about the realities and challenges of marriage was a very big deal to me. I felt so honored that you and your husband shared your marriage testimony with me and gave real advice and truth. In doing so, you and your husband led me back to church, prayer, and Christ. Your love shown to me, in my darkest time, helped rebuild my faith.

I’m not sure if you knew this but I appreciate you both. Thank you!



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