I have a heart for issues of sex trafficking and exploitation. It’s been a growing passion of mine that has been building for several years. There’s no pivotal moment where I can say, “this is when I was set on fire” but God continues to move in my life by putting trafficking in front of my eyes. Momentum was gaining and it became clear to me that I was time to make bold moves in faith. Next thing I know, I left my job and moved to New Orleans.

IMG_3204Currently I am coaching and consulting with the co-founder of Written on Your Heart Ministries (WOYH). WOYH is a community based organization that started in Houston to engage the community in educational events to support and encourage survivorship of trafficking through handwritten cards of inspiration that are sent out to 11 safe houses and partners nationally. I’m involved with the New England Chapter. From the events in both locations WOYH sends about 600-1000 cards monthly. We educate the community by providing information/resources, guest speakers, and/or movie screenings (Sex+Money). The vision includes encouraging community members to be educated but also get engaged in supporting local resources (like safe houses and programs).

I got really excited when I moved to New Orleans and was open and ready to see what God had in store for me and how he was going to use me. I scheduled a tour of Eden House and offered to serve there anyway that they could use me. I also applied for a volunteer position at Covenant House and once my background was cleared, starting serving there.

IMG_2881I had a vision to get plugged into the community and start a Written on Your Heart Chapter in Louisiana. I gained a lot of momentum. I prayed for supplies, I spontaneously got a weekend babysitting job and bought over 80 cards. I prayed for help, the next day a local person spontaneously reached out to get involved. We had coffee shortly after and made a plan. All that was next was to find local venues (coffee shops, patio spaces, etc.) to partner with and hold events… nothing. Phone calls, emails, and meetings… no response.

Meanwhile, I’ve been going through the Anything book by Jennie Allen doing the 8 week project. That is praying:
“God I will do anything, Anything.”
I’m recognizing that there are sacrifices. I’m recognizing that God has his own timing and plans. I started to ask God:
“Is Written on Your Heart my AnythingWhat do you want me to focus on?”
No joke, no exaggeration, the next day I awoke to this text:
FullSizeRender 12
Thanks God! Sometimes you’re pretty clear!
We met for sliders and coffee the same day. She gave me some great recommendations that she’s going to follow up with while I follow up with a giving project she wants to lead for Covenant House. She was an answer to my prayer. Which reminds me, I need to send an email…

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