God please give me one person to share your love with, Amen!

… and then we are sitting at a bar…

Encouraged by leadership and mission of Manchester Christian Church, my husband and I have been praying for one person to share God’s love with and to be a light. Our small group has also been focusing on this mission and prayed for God to prepare the hearts of co-workers before we moved to NOLA. We have this as one of our family’s missions: individually, in our marriage, and anywhere or how God wants to use us. We’re also very human and have all the uncomfortable and too comfortable flaws that come with being human. Sometimes we forget or lose momentum in the prayer and have to remind ourselves and refocus. We submitted a prayer request, for one, with a new church, Vintage Church New Orleans, we attended and we prayed it together in our final prayer that evening.

The following night we were invited to have drinks with my husband’s coworker in the French Quarter at d.b.a.New Orleans to listen to the Glen David Andrews Band. Andrews had unexpectedly lost a close family member, Travis ‘Trumpet Black’ Hill at age 28 on this very night. Redemption is the name of the most recent album by Andrews and features a song entitled, “Surrender.” Andrews’ testimony is quiet powerful from growing up in NOLA, falling into addiction and legal troubles, in his surrender to God and his redemption. Needless to say, the thick New Orleans air was spiced with passionate heart of gospel influenced jazz. 

So there we were sitting at a bar celebrating life. Laughing. Chatting. Connecting. His co-worker told us about this “awful movie” they watched the night before on Netflix. They really didn’t know what it was about other than it was a Nicolas Cage movie, he was flying a plane but explained that the whole movie “seemed to be based on John 3:16.” Overall “it was just terrible… you have to see it!”

Regardless of the movie review, it posed some provoking questions. The three of us sat at a bar listening to rich NOLA jazz and discussing God by sharing thoughts, experiences, and histories. It was raw, it was beautiful, and God was there. (Morphius was too, but I don’t really have a story there.)

All we did was pray for one and God set everything else in motion. We certainly didn’t expect to have such a meaningful conversation at a Jazz bar but we were open, bold, and prepared.


2 thoughts on “Pray for One

  1. Love it! Saw the news about Trumpet Black too. Miss you guys.

    With our ’empty nest’ we are starting the journey of hosting expectant mothers with housing needs. New life phase for sure!


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