Dear Heavenly Father,

I praise and thank you for all you have done from the small miracles of breath you give me each morning I awake to the amazing mountain moving miracles of healing broken hearts, sick bodies, and giving us your Son Jesus, our Savior. I sing out praises to you and all the wonderful and mysterious ways you create. My heart rejoices and overflows with all the ways you love me, each day and in each moment, directly and through other people who you have filled with your joy and love. I will continue to look to you for strength and perseverance and I will continue to look for you in all of your creation.

Dear God, you have saved us, all the earth, by sending us Jesus and giving us grace that we do not deserve and have not earned. I know and have faith during this dark, uncertain time of international refugee crisis that we so easily fear, that you have already declared victory over sin over this world. You are light in the pain, fear, uncertainty, and terror. There is nothing left to fear above your greatness! Please help us remember your strength surpasses all fears and your joy follows. Forgive us for falling for false idols of money, social media, and various public figures. Forgive us for leaning on science as truth when we fail to recognize that we are still learning all that you have already known.

Dear God, I give you my life, my everything, my anything. I give you my hopes and dreams. I give you back my talents and skills that you have shaped in me, for your purpose and for your will to be done.

Let the heavens rejoice; let the earth be glad for You reign, Jesus saves, and the Spirit lives in our hearts. Let nature cry out to you in joy and sing your praises through the crashing of the seas and through the wind in the trees. Your joy is in the grass below our feet, the blue in the skies above, and the breeze on our skin. Your beauty is seen in the setting and rising of the sun with the colors stroked across the skies.

Thank you Lord for your goodness! Thank you for your love that endures forever. Save us, God our Savior; gather us and deliver us from the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name, and glory in your praise! From beginning to end, you have already overcome. From everlasting to everlasting; forever and ever.

In Jesus’s name, Amen and Praise the Lord




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