Observative, ob·serv·a·tive \əbˈzərvətiv, -zə̄v-, -zəiv-\

When you actually look for God, I’ve found that He is everywhere! We’re always invited to have a relationship but He will also let you go if thats what you’d prefer. I’d like to bear witness to what I’ve observed in my walk in faith. Here are pieces of my testimony… my walk in faith… my observations.

Somewhere in the middle of my reset: God was like an old childhood friend you never ever call but know that they’re out there doing stuff. Someone you occasionally bump into, say let’s catch up sometime, but don’t really mean it. That was me.

Failing to rescue a marriage: My marriage came to screeching halt and I dug my heals in, rolled up my sleeves, and did everything I could to rescue it.

Breaking financial chains: I found myself alone and carrying the burden of debt that I acquired through bad choices, entitlement, and security in a false future that never came.

Healing in Love: Focusing on God’s love and grace brought me redemption of the heart.


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