Engagement to Greece, Celebrating 1 Year

If anyone were to have asked me a year ago to look to today and ask me where I would be… whatever I would’ve said would’ve been wrong.

On October 4, 2014…

Jason proposed to me in a very surprising way. Read more


A devil said so…

Twenty something days on a Greek island and it’s been an interesting introduction to Greece. I’m submerged in a different culture but surrounded by a diversity of Americans. This island has fresh organic meals to enjoy, an abundance of wine to sip, and plenty of sand to be found in various spaces.

I’ve also been experiencing a tug of war in my spirit but a firmness in faith as finished reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Read more

A Mere Christian Exploring Naxos Island

I’ve been on the Naxos Island of Greece for a little more than a week of our 2 month visit. The weather continues to be a blessing of sunny blue skies but the island is starting to cool, just a small bit. The food continues to be fantastic and the views are even more impressive. I rented a little fiat with a friend and took to the inner island roads and mountains. There were a lot of beautiful views on every angle of the island. Mountains. Water. Goats. Ruins. Organic markets. Raw & cut marble. Locals.

I also Read more

Lessons from C.S. Lewis on a Greek Island

IMG_3629I’m always in awe how God speaks to me. He seems to give me answers to questions I haven’t asked yet. For example, whenever there is a controversy in the news (which let’s face it, is often), somehow it aligns to either where I am in my Bible, a recent sermon, or in study that I am doing. Currently for my travels to Greece, I brought the C.S. Lewis collection with me and I’ve started with Mere Christianity.

Meanwhile, in Kentucky, Kim Davis is making a mockery out of Christians. Read more