Breaking Financial Chains (New Update)

FullSizeRender 8I wrote an old fashioned check, stuffed it into an envelope with a forever stamp, and sent it off to the bank. My car is now paid off! 

You can read about the beginning of my journey to climb out of debt in My Testimony: Breaking financial chains (in progress). To summarize I was in over $72,000.00 in debt before Read more


My Testimony: Breaking financial chains (in progress)

New Update: Credit Cards are PAID OFF!!

Being Observative

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender. Proverbs 22:7

After my marriage was over I was left in an apartment I couldn’t afford, massive amounts of maxed out credit card debt in my name, and no savings. None. Zilch. But hey, I had a great credit score.

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My Testimony: Seasons of Divorce and Marriage

It was just another cold snowy New England winter. I was leftovers of a broken marriage, living in a wretched apartment, piled under crippling amounts of debt. All I had was, Jacquin, my Golden Retriever and the relationship that was being mended with God. Marriage was the most difficult thing I had ever done and I never expected to ever do it again. Quite frankly, I never wanted to do that again. It was too painful. It wasn’t worth it. People lie, break promises and hurt each other. Read more

My Testimony: Somewhere in the middle of my reset

I am not a new Christian.

I was born and raised in an United Methodist Church in Mississippi. I had the foundation laid growing up in the southern church culture. I was also an oldest daughter to a single mother until my preteens. She prided herself on raising an independent daughter that could take care of herself. Mix in a dash of rebellion to social norms and expectations with a curiosity for the world, and that’s me. Fresh out of college I moved in with my Jewish-Israeli boyfriend to live in Tel Aviv, Israel until that didn’t work out anymore. I was naive and over confident in my 5 year plans. Back to the states I came. Not to the south though. I felt more comfortable and at home in New England, the least religious region in the U.S. Now I could float around in life keeping God in my back pocket when I needed him… you know, for emergencies. God was like an old childhood friend you never ever call but know that they’re out there doing stuff. Someone you occasionally bump into, say let’s catch up sometime, but don’t really mean it. That was me. Read more