Multiple Dimensions of NOLA

IMG_4625I live in New Orleans; city of festivals, Mardi Gras, tourism, Cajun food, and jazz music. The one year anniversary of taking faith steps of moving here is around the corner. The city and I have become good friends, quickly. I slid right into step with the culture. Although I’m not native I am proud to now consider myself a local. I can give you directions and tell you the best places to eat. I have bowls of beads on my table. I know not to wear flip-flops to the quarter. I’ve experienced roaches bigger than my dog and been swarmed by termites.  I’ve also become pretty much ok with being soaked with sweat any given day of the very long summer.

Put Me In Coach!

Over the last year I’ve been Read more


Running for Runaways


Whelp, I signed up to RUN for RUNAWAY youth. I’m running a 10K in the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans. I have a fundraising goal of only $200 and I would love to bust through that number!

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I’ve been volunteering at Covenant House since June. They provide a safe haven for homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth (ages 22 and under). They have provided over 20,000 kids with food, shelter, clothing, medical care, educational & vocational support, individual & family counseling, job readiness & placement, short & long-term housing, life skills, and more. I’ve seen firsthand how big their hearts are for the youth of New Orleans. Read more


Peace, Hope, & Love Fest: Restoring Faith in the City

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” ‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:13‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Never let anyone dull your sparkle

The goal of this project was to host a family friendly event to the surrounding community but there is a back story that put this idea on our hearts. There is a lot of violence in New Orleans, particularly amongst our youth. Last month, not far from Annunciation Park, a little boy’s foot caught a stray bullet. At the scene a police officer was asked by an outsider “How do you feel about this?” His response “How do YOU feel?” That conversation set things in motion. What are we doing? What can we do? How can we individually take responsibility to make a difference? So, we wanted to come together to offer a fun, safe, family friendly event to be a light in this world by showing love to our neighbors, to each other. We were just three people backed by a lot of others who have stepped up and given their time, talents, and resources to make this happen. Read more


An 8 year old boy was struck by a stray AK-47 Bullet in St. Thomas Community. My husband’s heart was broken and then set on fire. I’ve been able to watch God show Himself to us and just how big He is! First, God put Corey Hicks in our path and so the three of us met for lunch. Corey is the founder of Urban Reach. The calling gained clarity. We were going to do a community outreach by providing a fun family friendly environment to allow Jesus to overflow our hearts and love on the city. Peace, Love, & Hope Fest: Restoring Faith in the City. Music. Free Water. A Bouncy House. Face painting. Simple. We had a few weeks to put it together. Read more


My husband and I moved to New Orleans a few months ago completely in faith steps. He travels a lot for work and there was an opportunity for him to be on a project that was estimated to last 4 months. Relying totally on prayer and faith, the decision was made to move to New Orleans and be locals. I gave notice at work. We walked away from a security deposit on a pretty amazing apartment. We packed up a Pod, said goodbye to New England, and signed a 6 month lease in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans.

This was new for me, being obedient to a calling. I knew that there was something big here for us. I just knew that I was going to hit the ground running fighting sex trafficking or advocating for survivors or community outreach… something! There was so much momentum and fire. Then God pressed pause. Read more

God sent me a text… well, sort of.

I have a heart for issues of sex trafficking and exploitation. It’s been a growing passion of mine that has been building for several years. There’s no pivotal moment where I can say, “this is when I was set on fire” but God continues to move in my life by putting trafficking in front of my eyes. Momentum was gaining and it became clear to me that I was time to make bold moves in faith. Next thing I know, I left my job and moved to New Orleans. Read more